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Giraffe, SA social-technology business receives support from UNICEF Innovation Fund

UNICEF ‘s Innovation Fund invests in open source technology in early stages which benefits young people

South African work matching program Giraffe has closed a round of grant support from the education fund UNICEF. Co-founders Shafin Anwarsha and Anish Shivdasani inspired the concept behind Giraffe to address South Africa’s pertinent youth unemployment problem.

Giraffe was created in 2015 to minimize unemployment in emerging markets by simplifying the job-seeking process by simplifying the system by which the user creates a resume on their mobile phone and links them to the nearest jobs available.

The automated recruiting platform helps organizations to employ vast numbers of entry-level and medium-skilled employees in real time. From candidate procurement to screening to arranging interviews the process is completely automated. Qualified applicants will be sourced within 48 hours.

Enterprises scouting for employees post their jobs online at On the pre-screened applicant pool, the algorithm will run a match, then contact the most suitable one. Applicants are pre-screened for the work, a procedure that allows them to submit a proof of eligibility voice notice. Employers then sign into the app, show the top shortlists and listen to voice notes from them.

Recruitment process automation saves managers a huge amount of time and cost. Business owners are getting the best recruits while spending fewer. Giraffe is unique in that it focuses on entry and medium-skilled jobs that are mostly done by the youth – a vital UNICEF market segment.

The African labor force would expand at a faster pace than the rest of the world over the next decade. The annual PWC 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, 2019 found more than 79 per cent of global CEOs expressing concern about the availability of skills for jobs on the continent. The figure was 87 percent higher among African business leaders, who were extremely concerned about 45 percent.

Giraffe CEO Anish Shivdasani described Giraffe in an interview at AfricaCom, as a mobile job matching platform that works with any smartphone and is free for all mobile users across South Africa. Their target audience is one million people, which continues to expand by the day. Giraffe helps them get the best candidates for the job on the employer side. They concentrate primarily on people earning less than R20,000 a month.