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Minister of Tourism Calls on professionals to restore Tunisian trust in local products

The situation of the tourism sector in Jendouba Governorate needs restoring Tunisians’ trust in their local products, by reinforcing domestic tourism and alternative tourism, Tourism Minister Mohamed Ali Toumi said.

We need to let go of traditional orientations, particularly as the COVID-19 crisis has shown the tourism sector’s weakening from unexpected health crises, he said.

Following an inspection visit to Jendouba Governorate on Thursday, he spoke to monitor compliance with the health protocol in hotels in the area.

The minister said rural retreats, rest areas and agricultural tourist villages, focused on sustainable and organic products and other facilities, are favored for local and foreign tourists; they represent alternative tourism products that Tunisia relies on.

The tourist area of Tabarka-Aïn Drahem enjoys a natural environment that fosters investment, despite its great capacity to draw tourists and turn the region into an area of tranquility and stability.

After the COVID-19 crisis , which led to the closure of a number of hotels in Tabarka, the sector in the Tabarka- Aïn Drahem area was affected by the lack of Algiers.