West Africa

Transport software Gozem introduces options for e-commerce delivery in Togo and Benin

Gozem’s Ride-hailing app has launched e-commerce delivery services in Togo and Benin, enabling users to order goods through the app and deliver them to their doorsteps.
Launched in Togo in November 2018 on the heels of raising US$ 900,000 in support, Gozem expanded quickly to Benin and added auto-rickshaws to its transport range.

The startup strives to become an all-inclusive “mega app,” and with this in mind, e-commerce delivery services have now been introduced, meaning consumers in Lome and Cotonou can not only use Gozem to get about in their cities, but can also order food, gas canisters, and other products directly via the app and have them shipped to a desired location.

“We’ve heard from our clients in recent weeks about the various obstacles they face in managing these challenging times, and in response we’ve accelerated our e-commerce delivery plans. We are pleased to introduce this new service now, and create added value for our customers in Cotonou, Benin and Lome, Togo, “said Emeka Ajene, co-founder of Gozem.

“It puts us one step closer to our goal of making a positive effect on the lives of consumers by providing them a range of useful services in addition to a stable and reliable transport package.”