North Africa

North African Fintech startups chosen for accelerator Finance Forward

Fintech startups from Egypt and Tunisia are among the 12 chosen for the MENA accelerator Finance Forward from Village Money, which provides five peer-listed enterprises a share of US$ 150,000 in MetLife Foundation funding.

Managed by Village Money, Finance Forward MENA is part of a multi-year global coalition founded by MetLife Foundation and PayPal founding partners to help entrepreneurs developing tech-enabled solutions to the financial health challenges.

Twelve startups, including three from Egypt, namely PayMint, Khazna, and Valify Solutions, were chosen for the participation. We-Settle, from Tunisia, is also a member.

The rest of the cohort is composed of Bilforon (Jordan), Buyback Bazaar Technology (UAE), Datacultr Fintech Limited (UAE), Distichain (UAE), E-Bursum (Turkey), HubPay (UAE), Markit (Lebanon), and WorqCompany (Turkey).

The accelerator will offer online and in-person training to start-ups for five weeks based on developing their business models and making their financial wellness strategies accessible to those who need them most in the current economic environment. Startups should work closely with advisors, prospective buyers, collaborators and investors.

In addition, the top five, peer-selected, businesses will be entitled to share US$ 150,000 in MetLife Foundation grant funding.