African Business Focus aims to be Africa’s Business media provider of choice by creating the best customer experience possible. To support this goal, our work is guided by the following three principles:

We Know Business — And We Listen

Our clients count on us to be a creative and strategic collaborator dedicated to delivering ideal business
solutions. We adjust our technique to each organisation so we can connect each brand to the right
audience, in the right way.

We Know the Market

We foster meaningful connections between Business to Business through a broad‐ and targeted-reach
solutions. This approach is bolstered by advanced insights that help business owners identify and speak to
the right investor platform.

We Know the Business

Business can use our marketplace expertise to upgrade its business strategy. We understand how to reach
the right viewers with innovative multiscreen business, and we put this to work. organisations can target
their audiences wherever they watch, and we deliver video everywhere.


Custom Creative

Our in-house creative agency can produce content tailored to each client’s brand, voice, and needs.

Targeted impressions

We deliver audience‐focused business solutions based on viewer geography and demographics, helping
African Businesses attain valuable reach with minimal waste.

Impactful brand building

Business delivery in high‐quality content creates an association between businesses and some of the most
popular programming.

Coverage across platforms and devices

Our premium media content reaches viewers when and where they’re watching on any connected devices,
including TV, VOD, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Measurable results

We strive to help Business understand their operation results and optimize effectiveness for future flights.
When applicable, we analyze complete campaign results and provide insights that African Businesses can
use to improve future organisational strategies.

When brands choose ABF, we help them design personalized campaign strategies to maximize budgets
and elevate brand effectiveness. The end result is a meaningful connection between the brand and its
target audiences.